Museum CLOSED until Further Notice

Due to the current COVID-19 virus, ECCHS is concerned for the health of the public as well as the volunteers who give their time and talent.  Out of concern for all involved, the Museum which is scheduled to open Sat. April 4, will remain closed until further notice. ECCHS will resume our regular schedule based on State and County recommendation to do so and we feel it is safe for all concerned. Please check our website for updates. Thank you, be safe and stay happy.

Consider reading a history book while you have some “at home time”.

ECCHS Breakers Update

The Breakers, our marvelous group of volunteers, have been busy working on a number of projects. The restoration of a Texaco lubrication cart is nearing completion. The rusted and aging body and wheels have been sand blasted and painted. In March the wheels will be taken to Los Angeles to have new rubber tires installed and then it will be reassembled.

The first Saturday of January work was begun on constructing a small storage shed which will be used to house items from Homer’s Shed as it goes through a transformation. Work on that has already begun, and as this picture shows it will eventually tell a story rather than simply display the artifacts it currently is filled with.

The Breakers work every Monday and Wednesday from 9:00am until approximately 1:00pm. Liberal break time is built into this time frame, and laughter and fellowship are an integral part of our activities. We are always looking for new members. No skills are required, only a desire to help.

Brentwood Christmas Parade We were there

Did you enjoy the Christmas Parade? There was a lot to see and we were there. Our fully restored Byron Number 1 Fire Engine was in the parade this year. We had the pleasure of carrying the Grand Marshal Fire Chief Brian Helmick and his family in the Brentwood 37th annual Christmas Parade.

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